Projekt 2 – Nature is Calling

In the concrete jungles called cities today we often find ourself forgetting about what the world looks like beyond artificial borders.
While some buildings of the past stand in pride along side their younger fellows other less apparent ones fade into the background and crumble letting nature reclaim its territory. Streams and rivers too let it strive or merely cracks in street corners, for nature actually is all around and has a habit of outplaying the human creations less attentively sustained.

It’s ironic really how in the cities we visited, it felt almost as though every inch of greenery that could be spared was exploited to its greatest capacity purely to attain natural beauty.

Lots of Birds

Wildlife was also to be found around every corner. Especially birds were common acquaintances, if only for their chirping in the background.

“Nature strikes back” – Aurel

The Dancing Lake Swan and some other Things

Though concrete prevailed, greenery and wildlife could be found all around and it even looks like it might be making a slow comeback.